Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Media Coverage of the Jersey child abuse investigation

When we look back on the above type of coverage to the Haut De La Garenne investigation, we realise just how well almost everyone covered this story, even though our local media could not really be bothered to ask the right questions of some of our local politicians. Even the most conservative UK broadsheets got in on the act and carried detailed and researched well written reporting of this rotten island.

Here is one example from the Daily Mail

Last updated at 23:29 25 February 2008. My mouth went dry and my fists clenched when I heard about the remains found in Jersey. I felt sorrow and rage that police are once again belatedly investigating a huge paedophile ring based on care home kids, and expect to dig up more bodies. A ring of evil men exploited the most vulnerable children imaginable.'

The problem we have at the moment is that we have people living here in Jersey that still have not been brought to justice. These people have nothing to fear it would seem because of their so called friends in high places helping and protecting them. You have to ask yourself WHY?

This next bit is just some cut and paste job to make you think this blog and the Dipshit
Brothers Blog know what were all talking about.

Filicide is the deliberate murder of a child by a parent. A 1999 US Department of Justice Study concluded that between 1976 and 1997 in the United States, mothers were responsible for a higher share of children killed during infancy while fathers were more likely to have been responsible for the murders of children age 8 or older. Furthermore, 52% of the children killed by their mothers were male, while 57% of the children killed by their fathers were male . 61% of children murdered under the age of five were murdered by their parents; filicide is the third leading cause of death amongst American children five to fourteen years old.

Aside from tall tales and legends, some of the most horrific cases of filicide come from the continent of Asia where little girls have long been the victims of population control. In China, even as recently as the 1800s, baby girls were killed because they couldn't carry on the family name. Today little girls are still left for dead because baby boys are sought after in a nation where families are only allowed to have one child. Even today, the extent of the problem is alarming: "at least 60 million females in Asia are missing and feared dead, victims of nothing more than their sex. Worldwide, research suggests, the number of missing females may top 100 million. According to John-Thor Dahlberg of the Los Angeles Times, "In India, In the nearly 300 poor hamlets of the Usilampatti area of Tamil Nadu [state], as many as 196 girls died under suspicious circumstances [in 1993] ... Some were fed dry, unhulled rice that punctured their windpipes, or were made to swallow poisonous powdered fertilizer. Others were smothered with a wet towel, strangled or allowed to starve to death. This is most likely related to the practice of dowry, the foreign practice in which women must bring large amounts of money to the family she will be living with after her marriage.

Also throughout history, Eskimos have killed their children because of physical abnormalities and even one of a set of twins.

In the same way, Mohave Indians have killed half-breed children immediately after their birth. Today, the United States ranks near the top on the list of countries whose inhabitants kill their own children. For infants under age one, the homicide rate in the U.S. ranks 11th in the world, while for ages one through four, it is 1st and for ages five through fourteen it is 4th. More than 600 mothers kill their children each year, according to Los Angeles psychologist Robert R. Butterworth, Ph.D.

Of all children under age 5 between 1976 and 2000, 31 percent were killed by their mothers. This psychiatric condition has been described as "maternal filicide" and in recent years the rate of these killings has been holding steady. Butterworth says, "There are six personality types of mothers who kill their children." Mothers may be mentally ill, retaliating in jealousy, depressed, upset by their unwanted pregnancy, merciful, or battering. Some other well publicized cases:

Dominique Cottrez:

The 46 year old French woman has two daughters now in their 20’s, but admitted last month to killing eight of her newborn infants and has since been charged with murder. Bodies of two babies were discovered by by occupants of a house in which Cottrez once lived in Villers-au-Tertre. Family and neighbours maintained that they had never noticed her pregnancies because she was an overweight woman.

Angela Gordon:

When Angela Gordon’s seven year old daughter Khyra Ishaq died in may 2008, she weighed just three stone. She had starved to death following months and possibly years of abuse and neglect at her Birmingham home. Gordon and her partner were convicted of manslaughter this year.

Andrea Yates:

In June, 2001, 36 year old Andrea Yates drowned her five young children in a bath. The youngest child Mary was six months old, and the oldest Noah, was seven. At her trial in Houston Texas, she was convicted of capital murder, but this was later overturned and she was found not guilty by reason of insanity caused by post-natal depression.

Susan Smith:

Marybeth Tinning:

Tinning was considered a very unfortunate woman when she lost nine of her children over a period of thirteen years from 1972. Most of the children died suddenly as babies. When she was finally charged with the murder of her last baby, four month old Tami Lynne in 1985, she admitted smothering three of her children. She was convicted of murder. Now 67, she appealed her case in 2009 and it was rejected.

Marvin Gaye:

On the 1 April 1984, the US singer and Motown icon was shot dead by his father Marvin senior at their house in Los Angeles. The singer was trying to intervene in a dispute between his parents.

Right that's enough of that.

Nobody claims Jersey to be a perfect place. It is not perfect, but to be honest it's a lot worse than you think or have been led to believe. Ask yourself this question. Why do so many people want to leave here? Income Support is not very generous and all our young single mums are not very well provided for. Perhaps we need community whistle blowers to keep an eye on our Income Support people to make sure that the minority referred to do in fact get what they need to survive and have a decent standard of living so that they can give their children the things they need, and after all the poverty level in Jersey is totally astounding for an Island with so much wealth.

We do not have some of the horrendous cases that exist in Belgium, France, the UK, the USA and other places. We do not have the horrible child abuse excesses being exposed in the Irish and Belgian Catholic Churches.

Jersey has problems, but we do not seem to be dealing with them and we are not improving the way we deal with them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

We Don't Care about your kids!

And so the moaning begins, try and get this straight right from the start, WE don't give a toss about your kids. We have taken away free school milk because as you should have realised by now this is JERSEY and in Jersey we care more about money than children, that's why we don't want all this talk about historic abuse dragged up all the time. It's not good for our image, and when I say our image, I mean the honest people of the States of Jersey and their family's and friends, not the lower classes who roam the streets every night rolling drunk or the scrounging single mothers who would rather scrounge than work, nor do we mean those lazy people who work in offices instead of getting proper hard manual jobs, and talking of manual workers, you lot are the worst of all, just be thankful you have a job, if I had my way you would get £2.00 per hour, because that's all your worth, in fact why don't you all just leave the Island for good, we don't need or want you here, you spoil the figures, our ability to make more money than we already do, but most important to me you spoil the view.

Here's a joke for you:

Why do they call Jimmy Perchard the exorcist?

Because when he comes to your house all the spirits disappear..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You've been Rumbled

Today I was talking to a local journalist and the conversation got round to blogs, he's opinion and that of he's colleges is that bloggers are nothing but talent less no hoper wannabe journalists who are not interested in the subject matter but just want to cause trouble, so will go on about any old rubbish just to get a rise out of people, well you know what I think about this HE'S RIGHT!

If you read some blogs you will see straight away what he means, the local ones seem to be the worst, always going on about the historical abuse case, well move on people you are only keeping on with this because you have nothing better to do, most of them are unemployed and sponging of the state.

Then you have the ones that pretend to be interested in local politics, yea right, you don't give a rats ass who is in power or not as long as your cosy little life's aren't disturbed.

The real reason we blog is to kick up a shit storm, cause trouble and love to wind other folk up, so there's no point in denying it, you've been rumbled.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Carolyn Labey, the Great Enabler.

Word reaches us that Carolyn Labey has been upset that the e-mail she sent to Judy Martin, the one left lying around somewhere has found its way to Cyberland and so she should be.

It does not look as if this Jersey Soap is going to end at any time shortly, because the Deputy of Grouville is feeling a bit wounded. Indeed, she is acting as if someone other than her has a case to answer, well she is correct, someone has. She should not retreat gracefully, as some other blog has suggested and lick her wounds and seek a career other than politics, she should carry on in politics as long as possible.

So why would the Deputy of Grouville now feel so wounded? Who else did she send this e-mail to? Why was it left lying around? Was it deliberately leaked? Someone needs to be prosecuted over data protection for this one and that includes blog and web sites that reproduced it.

Stuart Syvret, it could be argued was once one of the greatest politicians that this Island has ever had the privalige to have had in its corridors of power.

It therefore looks as if Carolyn and Stuart are going to stoke the fires of this bizarre Jersey soap.

When the States of Jersey Police raided her home in 2008, she had just left the Island for a holiday on the USA west coast. Little did she think that her home would be raided so unlawfuly and her ex draged off like a common criminal. At this period of time, he was living permanently in Grouville in her home.

The Deputy of Grouville returned from the US, and asked the SOJP, the Data Protection Commissioner and others for various documents to prove this raid was legal. She joined in a legal campaign with her ex-boyfriend and tried to launch a serious inquiry into the abuse of power by those that had something to do with the visit and raid to her home.

Unfortunately, for the DP Commissioner, she may have to entertain the outrage of the Deputy of Grouville. The current situation is caused by someone leaking the offending e-mail from Stuart. As Stuart and Neal Mc Murray often say, you could not make it up.

So, our advice to the Deputy of Grouville is this. If you have been wronged, then it is your right to fight this every step of the way.

We belive that the good Parishioners of Grouville are that impressed with your efforts over the years that they will most certainly vote for you again next year.