Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Bad to Worse.

Another Farce....

The Dipshit brothers farce blog has in a little over six short months become a total disgrace and it's presence in Jersey cyber land  has shown the World what a bunch of morons some Islanders really can be,  it thinks it can take on a fight and win,  but in all reality is nothing more than a few sad bully's who don't even have the guts to post under their real names.  It has shown that no way can concerned locals voice their concerns, comment and oppose the utter nonsense that has been posted on that site without a tirade of abuse from these sick little fucks, well we have now got a new piece of software that gives us all their IP addresses, and then cross references it with telecoms data base and gives us their name and address,  we will soon be letting others know who these bully's are, and boy, will you be shocked and surprised just who these people are.

The political week really started on Sunday with Talk Back on BBC Radio Jersey with a view expressed by Deputy Montfort Tadier that he is against the principle of a prayer being said before each States Sitting, why in 2010 in an Island of many faiths other religions are not represented

This weeks Sitting started fairly well with Oral questions, from Bob Hill of St. Martin into the acting Police Chief, David Warcup, until he was told to sit down by the unelected Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache. This questioning about Mr. Warcup was wholly fair as he had as much chance of speaking back as Power did.

There were many questions on the Napier Report again and one wonders why some States Members keep going on that it is now, effectively closed and dealt with, D. Wimberley, T. Pitman and B. Hill again have more relevant questions. One has to acknowledge the stupidity of Senator Le Marquand and the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister and the Home Affairs Minister are now used to answering the same questions in the same way every time. Both never seem to get the fact that this is not going to go away any time soon.

As the week progressed, the Sitting descended into a morass of speeches about the only business of the whole week, proposed changes to the machinery of government and States members’ remuneration. The whole week was lost. No business relating to the Island was concluded. It is quite extra-ordinary how, time and time again, members want to discuss themselves over and over again. One wonders what the public think ?

Ben Shenton had lodged one of these propositions on States Members pay and whatever his motivation, he may have regretted it.

The only redeeming speech of the week came from young Jeremy Macon. He made a brilliant and funny speech about attendance and voting record in the States. There were about 520 votes since January 2009. He nailed Ben Shenton on his attendance and voting record and indeed many others, it turned out that Geoff Southern has the worst attendance and voting record missing at 192 missed voted followed by Simon Crowcroft at 142 and Ben Shenton at 139.

The only other notable thing this week was the editorial in the JEP on Tuesday. It questioned the standards that are lacking in some members and their apparent lack of qualities to be a member. We think the JEP should look at it self with regards to lack of qualities and standards. The article referred to the fact that many members do not regard their election as a privilege to carry out public service. They use the Chamber as a soapbox for their own hobby horses and enjoy making jibes at others, the only ones we can think of are Le Main and Perchard.

Roll on the elections.

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